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Few years ago, two Canadians just like you, displeased with our industry had a vision. That vision was a job centre founded on respect, empathy, integrity and based on universal values. A commitment to treating people just the way you would like to be treated. Just like Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once said, a country is not something you build as the Pharaohs built the pyramids, and then leave standing here to defy eternity. A country is something that is built every day out of certain basic shared values. Being one of the world’s biggest economies, our desire is to provide exceptional service and support to our businesses and their customers. We don’t do it for any compliments; we do it because the more people we can help improve their lives, the better.


At HW Personnel, we understand that every client is unique with their own set of priorities and ambitions. That is why we believe in “investing in you”. Our philosophy is to reshape the Canadian world of work by providing exceptional services that bring the finest employees and employers together. By being a part of the Canadian workforce for over a decade, we have developed the knowledge and have sharpened our abilities to deliver what we believe in. Through years of our experience, we have worked hard to connect the best people, their talents, skills, career goals, and aspirations with the best companies. People are our business. At HW Personnel, we value the relationships we build with our clientele, colleagues, and candidates.

Bringing people to you; at HW Personnel, we accentuate the importance of establishing a respectful and professional workplace in which our valued employees feel motivated to work. By maintaining a healthy work environment, we believe that employees become more inclined to remaining determined and dedicated to their assigned task.

The safety of our employees is by far one of the most valuable assets we have at HW Personnel and we conduct various activities to ensure that this safety is maintained. We regularly provide information about hazards of unsafe work and the impact it may have on an individual.

The majority of our dedicated employees are able to drive however, we do offer to pick up and drop off services in order to prevent any hurdle from inhibiting the success of your business. We place great value on the punctuality and loyalty of our employees to ensure that we provide service beyond compare.

At HW Personnel, we value the significance of our every client and strive to build a dependable relationship with them. We recognize the various unique aspects of every business, which is why we place great emphasis on maintaining a trustworthy affiliation to deliver results customized to your business needs.

HW Personnel Inc.

HW Personnel Inc. is a work solution firm that specializes in building an extraordinary workforce for our valued clienteles by carefully selecting the most efficient and suitable candidates for an occupation.

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